Why I Like Traxas Rcs

I’m am writing about why I like Traxxas. I like traxxas because they make really good RCs(remote control). I like playing with RCs, I like to drive them at my dad’s house. My friend Dj brought his down and was driving it and was jumping it taking it through the mud which probably destroyed the engine because it started smoking.

Traxxas Rcs are really fast and really tough. I had two of them one was gas powered and the other was battery powered. I liked my gas powered one better because it was faster. It would spin the wheels when it took off. My electric one was pretty cool to, I had them for a while until my moms boyfriend Cory sold them because he thought  we didn’t want them. We didn’t get to drive them much because he wouldn’t let my brother and me drive them. He said to drive them we had to give him thirty dollars to buy gas for them but we still had three cans filled from when he bought them. Then he sold all of them and I got pretty mad.

Then for christmas at my dad’s house I asked for a Traxxas rally truck but instead my brother got one and I got a ECX Ruckus. I asked my brother if he wanted to trade and he said sure. So then I got the truck I wanted
but he wasn’t to happy when it started falling apart.

Then my truck started falling apart from how rough Austin had played with it when it was his. My dad helped me get all the parts I needed to fix it. It wouldn’t drive that far, and the engine would sound like it was locking up but I  fixed it. Image result for rc traxxas rally trucks                                                     This is the one I got at my dads
http://www.motocrossgiant.com                                                                Image result for rc traxxas trophy trucks                                      And this one is the one I use to have before my moms boyfriend sold it.

My Role

In Language arts today we’re writing about what we think our role is in our class. I would say my role is keeping a positive attitude, I’m also a good friend, and I listen to what the teacher says. The reason I think I have a positive attitude is I don’t argue with  teachers when they ask me to do something. I don’t get mad when I have to do makeup work or when I’m told I have to stay in for recess.

The reason I think I’m a good listener is because I pay attention in class. I listen to the teacher to see what I need to do and when something is due. I also listen to my friends when they are trying to tell me something.

Why I think I am a good friend is because I have a lot of friends and I’m good at making friends. I usually make friends with whoever I talk to. I can be good friends with teachers Like Mr Greer, we are good friends because of all the things my dad has done for him and how they were good friends.

That’s what I think my roles are in my class to make my class a team.

What Would I Do

If I wrote swear to howdy by Wendelin Van Draanen the Main story would be about two kids that hang out together all the time.

The main characters would be two boys. One named Jack and the other is Justin. This is how I would start it off, jack has just moved from Wyoming to Colorado and is afraid he won’t like his new life. until he meets Justin who is really fun and like to do lot of things. when Jack meets Justin for the first time, jack feels weird in a way that makes him feel uncomfortable that no one will like him. Well it turns out he was wrong because Justin wanted to be friends with him.

When Jack and Justin become friends Justin shows Jack all these cool things. Justin takes jack to this pond that has lots of frogs. There’s one frog justin wants to show jack the biggest frog they’ve ever seen. They see the frog along the bank then justin jumps in for it but it gets away.

That’s all I have for today I hope you enjoyed my post.


I Slumped Down The Hall

I slumped down                                                                                             the hall very slowly like a                                                                             turtle because my name was called                                                           to come to the office                                                                                     on my way down I thought                                                                         I might be in a pickle.

Vietnam Walking Wounded

I am reading Vietnam Walking Wounded Written by Chris Lynch.
I’m going to tell you what the tone is like right now in my book.

Right now the tone is panicking. The character right now is Ivan.
He has just been sent home from the Military after he had been Injured. He got shot in the cheek, chest, and his neck. When Ivan gets to the airport he goes to the bathroom and starts freaking out.

Ivan starts saying he can’t go back home and starts thinking about what people will think of his eye. Then he starts to calm down a little and decides he doesn’t care what people will think of his eye.

Then Ivan removes the bandage from his eye which reveals his eye where it had been taken out. People also would be able to see Where he got shot right below his eye and they would see how the bone wasn’t fixed yet.

While he’s in the bathroom he hears them say that the last flight to boston is getting ready to leave. Then he starts to freak out again and starts saying he can’t go home again. He didn’t know what his family would think of his face.

Walking Wounded (Vietnam, #5)


My Brother Is A Jerk

I’m writing about my poetry title My Brother Is A Jerk. I’m writing about this one because it’s the only one that I know that I can write something about.

So I’m writing about why else I picked this title. I also picked this title because my brother is a jerk. He takes stuff without asking.
If I ask him to give me back my stuff he expects me to give him something in return. Yesterday he took my book bag because I wouldn’t give him a candy bar. I wouldn’t let him have one because we were selling them for school and he didn’t have money. So he took my book bag and I told him to give it back and he said he would if I let him have a candy bar.

I told him no because I knew he wasn’t going to pay for it. The n he said I wouldn’t get my book bag back. So then he told my mom and started saying I wouldn’t give him a candy bar. She asked him if he gonna pay for it and he said no then mom said he couldn’t have one. That’s when it got bad, he started crying and shouting he wanted a candy bar. Earlier that day he said he wanted one when we were at our Grandma’s house and I told him to get one out of the fridge because my Grandpa bought twenty candy bars. Then he decides to take one out of the bag. I took it back from him and he told our mom and I got in trouble. He still owed me money for the first candy bar he ate without asking me.

I have plenty more reasons why my brother’s a jerk. When Austin my other brother won’t let him play his playstation he goes and tells his dad and that’s when it really gets bad, his dad came up to austin’s room and told him he had to let him play. Austin said no and then his dad said austin had to pay him fifty dollars for the controller he bought for Landon who is my brother that is a jerk.

Landon is always telling on Austin and me for stupid things. Like the time I was playing Austin’s playstation and he got mad and said I had to let him play. I said no and he kicked me in the shin then I kicked him back he told our mom and his dad then his dad told all of us to go to our rooms. Or the time we was jumping on the trampoline and Landon started hitting us while we was jumping. Austin and me started jumping really high and the net hard so Landon would fall over. Then he started screaming and crying and his dad came out of the garage screaming. Telling Austin and me to go to our room and Landon started acting fine when his dad came out and started laughing at us. And this is why I choose to write about My Brother Is a Jerk poetry title.

When I’m 30

I’m going to tell what I think my life will be when I’m 30.
I think when I’m 30 I’ll be working at Miller Pipeline inside the garage working on the equipment right next to my dad’s office. I’ll be living outside of tarlton in my Grandma’s old house.

This is how I would start my day. I would get up around 4:30 to feed my dog Gado and let him out while I wait for my dad to pick me up to go to work. I’m gonna be Independent when I’m 30.

After my dad picks me up to go to work we would probably stop somewhere to get something to eat. Then we would keep on heading towards work. My brother would probably already be there cause he likes to get to work early. Once we get there will go back to his shop and we’d go to his office and hang out for a while. Then he would give me something to work on, and then the boring 12 hours would start.

I would be working on trucks from dayton probably. I would also be working on the machines like bulldozers, trenchers, excavators, the big tankers, trailers, and semis. The cool thing is I would get a miller card which I can use to buy stuff. I would get a new phone every year and wouldn’t have to pay for it unless I broke it.

Then around 12 we would go for lunch at Bdubs. After we have lunch we would go back to work for about 6 more hours. Once I’m done working on the trucks and equipment I would go to my dad’s office and set down and look up numbers  for trucks we’ve had problems with. Then when I’m done with that I would grab the mop and brush. Set them down then I would get my brother. Me and my brother liked cleaning my dad’s shop, so we would get the the mop and brush and start cleaning.

My brother would clean around my dad’s office and the bathroom.
I would clean around the lifts and tools and all the other stuff. We would clean until our dad told us it was quitting time.

My brother would drive home but I would ride with my dad home.
After my dad drops me off I would go let my dog back out for a while then put him up and then go to the garage and mess around with my dad’s muscle car which is a 1972 chevy malibu SS (super sport). I would mess around with my 1958 ford which has a 350 super duty. also my dad’s muscle car has a 450 with a procharger which came out of an RV.

Then I would go inside and make a pizza. It’s around seven, while I wait for the pizza I let my dog Gado in the house and play with him. Until I hear the oven go off then I go to get the pizza out of the oven.
I set down in my recliner and watch pizza while I watch TV and give my dog some pizza. Then when I’m done eating pizza I put my dog up and go to bed to get ready for the next day, and this what I think my life will be like when I’m thirty.



I’m writing about what I know I want my opportunity to be.
I’m gonna take advantage of coming to school to become more successful. I’m gonna work hard to achieve my opportunity.

A opportunity I want is to play soccer. I’m gonna play soccer anytime I can. I also want to do good in school so I can get a job when I’m older and a chance to go to college.

But the most important opportunity to me is to play soccer because soccer is what I want to do. I love soccer so much that I think it’s an opportunity for me. To do something I want to do and something I love to do. Soccer is fun to me besides all the people trying to elbow you but I enjoy soccer so much I want to play in the big leagues.

Soccer isn’t just a fun game to play to me. I think I could go somewhere playing soccer. I could become famous  playing soccer. I love playing I want to play soccer all the time. To me soccer is competitive, exciting, and very fun!

Soccer is accomplishing something to me. I take soccer serious, most people play for fun or money. I don’t care about the money but I do have fun playing. Soccer is important to me I don’t care about what people say about soccer. I hope you enjoy my post about my opportunity.


Acts Of Kindness

The video we watch today I thought was very kind. The team manager for the T-Birds known as Mitchell has a disability. Mitchell loves basket ball.

Mitchell is liked by everyone because he’s nice and has respect for other people. Mitchell has great sportsmanship. During the T-Birds game against another team, Mitchell’s coach was willing to lose a game just so Mitchell could get in the game.

When Mitchell is in the game his teammates hand him the ball to make  baskets and he misses. When the other team has the ball a kid calls out Mitchell’s name and gives him the ball. Then Mitchell shoots and scores.

I thinks that’s pretty nice and kind. To give up the ball for a kid you don’t know so he can shoot it into the hoop and risk it for your team to lose. I think that is very kind and awesome.

Link for video https://youtu.be/VCOyhqKRrv4

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